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So...I lied, well no, I didnt lie, I was mistaken. It felt right to do it now *shrug* So I did.

as they say, I have moved. Add, dont add, whatever. This journal will not be deleted. A, because I dont have a problem with the past thats here with it, it will simply remain inactive. B, until hungerbound gets back im still gunna help maintain ed_ucate from under this lj *nod*. Will I post under this? No No hell no.

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Q:What is she running from?
.Comment to be considered, im not overly picky unless you really rub me the wrong way or I know you personally and you're an asshat

Oh__ophelia is my fifth journal. Every time i deleted a journal for a new one was because i had grown out of that space, i just didn't fit that frame of my life anymore:
Im compulsive. impulsive. mascochistic. addictive. fearless. driven. bulimic. talented. sarcastic. boisterous. eccentric. crass. artistic. ruthless. passionate. a bitch . The here. The now. In your face. Make no apologies, Mari-Kate. Working double till I see bones portruding from beneath my skin. Give in? Never! This is my wonderland. Step inside. Where backwards is forwards, up is down, and no one gives a shit.

and so it is, she begins again
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